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ZIP 28005 Industries Sub Micron Triple Action Water Filter

ZIP 28005 Industries Sub Micron Triple Action Water Filter
ZIP 28005 5 Micron Triple Action 200mm 5-Star Genuine Zip Brand for peace of mind Removes Sediment, Chlorine, Taste & Odours Scale Control for internal boiler  Replace every 12 Months

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Genuine Replacement ZIP 28005 Sub Micron filter removes dirt, rust and particulates that contaminate drinking water.

The ZIP Sub Micron Triple Action 5 Star Filter eliminates offensive odours by reducing chlorine and other chemicals.

Sub-Micron filtration also filters out asbestos fibres and micro-organisms such as giardia and cryptosporidium to international standards 42 and 53.

Overall better tasting drinking water by removing organic contaminants.

Filter replacements at intervals of 6 - 12 months is recommended depending on levels of usage and water quality. Zip Filters are easy to change, as easy as changing a light globe!

For use with:

- ZIP Autoboil
- ZIP Chilltap
- ZIP Filter Tap
- ZIP Hydroboil

Genuine ZIP Water Filter Part # 28005 this part also fits to  Birko 1311068

Filter Specifications:

- Flow rate: 1.9 Lpm (0.5 gpm)
- Capacity: 6 months; (no longer than 12 months) depending on usage & Water Quality
- Rating: 0.5 Microns (Sub Micron)

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ZIP 28005 Industries Sub Micron Triple Action Water Filter (170 AUD )