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Whirlpool Genuine Fridge Filter 4378411 or 4378411RB

Whirlpool Genuine Fridge Filter 4378411 or  4378411RB
Whirlpool Fridge filters part number 4378411RB/4378411 CHEAPEST PRICE GURANTEE Suits Whirlpool refrigerators that have a filter outside the fridge, at the back of the fridge or in a nearby cabinet.

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Whirlpool Genuine Fridge Filter 4378411 , 4378411RB 4210359

4210508  also  fits 4210573








Product Description

Whirlpool Universal Inline Water Filter (4378411) This filter has quick disconnect couplings only. Benefits of the Universal inline charcoal-style ice and water filter: Fits all major brands Easy to install Added protection for icemaker Includes easy-to-install, push-on connectors and instructions Removes: Lime scale buildup Bad tastes Odors Chlorine Dirt Rust Reduces sediment and other particles to five microns Universal inline charcoal-style ice and water filter should be replaced: Every 6 months If you notice a decrease in the flow of water or objectionable tastes in the water or ice Used on all Whirlpool and Kenmore brands refrigerators with filter access in back.

Operating Specifications:

Max. temperature:............................. 100 F (38 C )

Max pressure:....................................125 PSI (862 kPa)

Max flow rate:................................... .5gpm (1.9 liters per minute)

Service Life........................................2500 gallons (9463 liters)

for the reduction of chlorine

Important: * Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of uknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.

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· Fits all refrigerator brands with filter access in the back of the refrigerator
· NSF certified
· Filter should be changed every 6 months
· Easy to Install
· Reduces bad taste an odors
· Reduces chlorine, dirt, rust, and other particles
· Offers added protection for ice makers
· Fits all refrigerators with 1/4" vinyl or copper water supply line


Suitable for: GENUINE 4378411 External Inline Fridge Filter suits Whirlpool refrigerators that have a filter outside the fridge, at the back of the fridge or in a nearby cabinet. It is manufactured according to Australian plumbing and drinking water standards. This fridge water filter is now preferred by most refrigerator manufacturers. It includes the latest high compression push fittings allowing it to adapt to plastic and copper tubing while also dramatically reducing the risk of leaks.

The GENUINE 4378411 Inline water filter can be used to replace: Most external inline filters with push fit connections.

Filter Life: Generally refrigerator manufacturers recommend that fridge water filters be replaced every 6 months or when the "change filter" light comes on. This ensures your drinking water is always at its best, as well as protecting your Whirlpool refrigerator from harmful sediment build up.

Replaces the following filters.
Whirlpool 4378411, Whirlpool WF270, WF/12 WF270, WF001, WF020, WF12, WF270,4378411, WF270, BFFR, BFFRF0.25, BFFRMAX, BFFRS, TRU501, BFFR, BFFRF0.25, BFFRLG, BFFRMAX, BFFRS, BFFRSED, GILF1025, GT1-73, GT6-1 Fridge Filter, GILF1025, GT6-12, RFWH050, 2890JC2990A, 6-CCB-210G, Aquaflow,IN-10, K2333, K3MFC201F,6ED25DQXBW00,6ED27DQXFW01,6ED25DQXFB

Replaces or can be used instead of: 4378411RP 4378442 8004 8004 4210359 4210508 4210573 4378411 18001009 18001010 19950157 19950158 14205038 14206986 14207121 18001009 18001010 19950157 19950158 5305510266 209017 25004082 5303310266 PM97X717 OEMIMF WF270 4392949 4392949R

Models used: S21W2D, S21S4D, 6ED22-27 models

















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Whirlpool Genuine Fridge Filter 4378411 or 4378411RB (29 AUD )