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Under Sink Housing with 1 year Filter set All DIY KIT included

Under Sink  Housing  with  1 year Filter set  All DIY KIT included
OMB934 1MICRON  WITH  Under Sink  Housing  with  1 year Filter set  All DIY KIT included  Made in USA  housing and  Carbon block filter All ACC kit included ULTRAPURE 1 Micron Ceramic Single Stage Under Sink Water Filter

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Superior Single Carbon Filtration

 1  Micron CARBON BLOCK Single Stage Under Sink Water Filter &all the kit with faucet F (diverter inlcuded)

10" Single Stage Under Sink Carbon Block Water Filter DIVERTER-1412

  • Removes chlorine
  • Budget cost water filtration
  • Improved taste and smell

Superior Single Carbon Filtration

Reduce harmful Cryptosporidium & Giardia cysts, rust, dirt, sediment, chlorine, algae and chemicals leaving beautiful fresh drinking water. Refer below for technical information and download

The 10" Single Stage Undersink Carbon Block Water Filter performs a superior filtration process in one cartridge. It has the power of a coconut based carbon filter that is able to remove bad taste, odour and other harmful chemicals that may be present in your drinking water.

Stage 1 – 1 Micron Carbon Block Filter - The filter in this filtration system has a filtration removing 99.999 % of Cryptosporidium. As a single filter manufactured in the USA with premium coconut shell carbon, this carbon block cartridge will effectively remove chemicals, pesticides, harmful heavy metals, chlorine, odour & any unpleasant tastes in the water.


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Under Sink Housing with 1 year Filter set All DIY KIT included (99 AUD )