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Pure 91451/N 4.5"x 20" Big Blue Coconut Carbon Block 5 Micron Filter

Pure  91451/N  4.5"x 20" Big Blue Coconut Carbon Block 5 Micron Filter
Pure 91451/N 4.5"x 20" Big Blue Coconut Carbon Block 5 Micron Filter. UPC: 799932587443

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Pure 91451/N 4.5"x 20"

Big Blue Coconut Carbon Block HI FLOW FILTERS


The Pure 91451/N 4.5"x 20" Benefits :

  • Great performance in reducing sediments, color, SOCs (soluble organic compounds) like pesticides, dioxins
  • Decrease VOCs (volatile organic compounds) such as chloroform and petrochemicals
  • Uniform and solid media structure
  • Do not exhibit problems such as channeling, fluidizing, bypassing, and the release of carbon fines.
  • NSF-42 approved and made of FDA-compliant materials. The filters media is manufactured from acid washed high purity coconut-based activated carbon. A combination of modern manufacturing processes and choice of high quality materials provides High Quality Coconut Shell Filters the ability to effectively reduce taste and odor from water through adsorption of the compounds that cause problems.

Product Description : 

Our Coconut carbon blocks are manufactured with a high purity Coconut Shell Activated Carbon. With a high chlorine reduction, great dirt-holding capacity, and greatly reduced carbon fines, you will soon make our Carbon Blocks your preferred choice!

These are ideal for point-of-use (POU) and Reverse Osmosis applications. These cartridges can be used in a wide range of applications such as residential, food services, commercial, and industrial. These Carbon Blocks are great for displacing traditional GAC (Granular Activated Carbon ) and PAC (Powdered Activated Carbon ) filters in application where high chlorine reduction is needed. 


The Pure 91451/N 4.5"x 20"Construction Materials:

  • Filter Media: Acid-washed coconut-based carbon
  • Outer Wrap: Polypropylene
  • Inner Wrap: polypropylene
  • Netting: Polypropylene
  • End Caps: Polypropylene
  • Adhesive (end cap): Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
  • Gaskets (O-ring): Polyisoprene (natural rubber, NR)
  • Temperature Rating: 40 - 125 degrees F


  • 100% Coconut shell carbon
  • 5 micron nominal filtration
  • Chlorine, color & odor reduction
  • No release of carbon fines
  • Performance tested & verified by independent laboratory testing
  • ISO 9001:2000 Standard



Directions for use:Place cartridges in an appropriate housing and flush for a minimum of 10 minutes prior to use. Use only with microbiologically safe and adequately disinfected water.


The Pure 91451/N 4.5"x 20" Water Filters Operating Specifications are as Follows:

Flow Rate  5 Micron
Operating Temperature  40 - 125 F
Technology  Carbon Block
Function Chemical and Mechanical Reduction
Suit filtering dam, tank, bore and town water
Filter Dimensions 4.5 inches x 20 inches 
Important: Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.

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Pure 91451/N 4.5"x 20" Big Blue Coconut Carbon Block 5 Micron Filter (69 AUD )