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Puretec GW Series GW01LD2 _String Wound Cartridge (suits Maxi 20" Filter Housings)

Puretec GW Series GW01LD2 _String Wound Cartridge (suits Maxi 20" Filter Housings)
Puretec GW Series GW01LD2 String Wound Sediment Large Diameter Cartridge, 20 inch, 1um

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Puretec GW Series_GW01LD2

String Wound Cartridge

(suits Maxi 20" Filter Housings)




Filter Cartridge Features


String Wound





Micron Rating

1 micron

For Removing

Sediment, Sand, Silt, Rust, Dirt, Scale



The string wound cartridge was the original cartridge filter element. A string wound cartridge is a “surface” type filter that is effective in removing diverse sized particles.


It removes particles of its micron rating with excellent resistance to being “blinded” by larger particles.


Because of the overlapping nature of the string windings, it has an effective surface area considerably larger than that of the melt blown filter. String wound filters are particularly applicable to surface waters from streams and rivers.


While string wound cartridges predate all the other filters, with polypropylene fiber construction, a string wound is still a good general-purpose filter and in certain applications, the best choice. Like the melt blown filter cartridge, string wound cartridges are inexpensive.


 In this Maxi 10” form it is the most commonly used filter cartridge on the market to suit large diameter 10" filter housings (short & fat).


Typical applications include:


  • 1 to 50 micron filters used in general purpose applications.
  • 5-micron filters installed up-stream of ion exchange resin columns to remove particles and down-stream to remove resin fines that could pass through under drains and clog a pure water system.
  • 5-micron pre-filters installed ahead of a reverse osmosis system to remove non-uniform sized particle





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Puretec GW Series GW01LD2 _String Wound Cartridge (suits Maxi 20" Filter Housings) (74 AUD )