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Pentek EP-10 Carbon Filter Cartridge (155531-43) Omnipure OMB934 5MIC

Pentek EP-10 Carbon Filter Cartridge (155531-43) Omnipure OMB934 5MIC
The Pentek EP-10 (155531-43) is a multi-purpose carbon block filter cartridge that is ideally suited for chlorine and taste/odor reduction in many residential and commercial applications. UPC: 051678531433

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Product Description: Omnipure OMB934-5 mic Carbon Block Filter Cartridge

In response to the temporary unavailability of the Pentek EP-10, we are pleased to introduce the Omnipure OMB934-5 mic as a reliable alternative. Crafted with precision, the Omnipure OMB934-5 mic stands as a versatile and high-performance multi-purpose carbon block filter cartridge.

Designed to excel in both residential and commercial applications, this cartridge is tailored for effective chlorine and taste/odor reduction. The advanced carbon block technology ensures that your water not only meets but exceeds purity standards. Whether in your home or business, the Omnipure OMB934-5 mic is committed to enhancing water quality.

Key Features:

  1. Multi-Purpose Performance: Versatile design for various applications, ensuring comprehensive water filtration.
  2. Chlorine Reduction: Effectively removes chlorine, enhancing the taste and quality of your water.
  3. Taste/Odor Improvement: Addresses unpleasant tastes and odors, providing a refreshing and clean water experience.

Ideal Applications:

  • Residential Kitchens
  • Commercial Establishments
  • Water Filtration Systems


  • Model: Omnipure OMB934-5 mic
  • Type: Carbon Block Filter Cartridge
  • Compatibility: Suitable for a wide range of water filtration systems
  • Dimensions: [9 3/4" X 2 7/8"]

Ensure uninterrupted access to clean and purified water with the Omnipure OMB934-5 mic. Though it steps in for the Pentek EP-10, it brings its own set of advantages, promising an optimal water filtration experience. Upgrade your water filtration system today with Omnipure's trusted technology.

we sending  OMB934 5MIC

This  filter  suit  for  all  Undersink  housing  filter   with  5 Micron


  •              9 3/4" X 2 7/8"
  •              5 micron nominal rating
  •              11 psi pressure drop at 5 gpm
  •              6,000 gallon chlorine removal capacity at 1 gpm
  •              Bonded PAC filter media
  •              Polypropylene end caps
  •              Polyolefin & Polyethylene outer cover
  •              Buna-N Gaskets
  •              40˚F to 180˚F (4.4˚ C to 82.2˚C) temp rating


  •              1 xOmnipure OMB934 5MIC 



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Pentek EP-10 Carbon Filter Cartridge (155531-43) Omnipure OMB934 5MIC (29 AUD )