2x Omnipure ELF-1M ELF-Series Water Filter 1 Micron

2x Omnipure ELF-1M ELF-Series Water Filter 1 Micron
2X Omnipure ELF-1M ELF-Series Water Filter 1 Micron. UPC: 799932587078

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Omnipure Genuine ELF-1M ELF-Series Water Filter (Extra Large Format)


The ELF-1M is a 1 Micron Premium Carbon Block Water Filter.


The Extra-Large Format filter designed for the commercial food service industries.


The Omnipure ELF-1M is engineered in a two-piece configuration which includes a permanent head and a bayonet style replaceable polypropylene body.


The ELF-1M Water Filter features expanded volume and a higher flow rate ideal for commercial applications such as equipment protection and water polishing.


The Omnipure ELF-1M water filter is a 1 micron carbon block granular activated carbon filter used to reduce cysts, lead, taste, odour and chlorine.


Contaminant Reduction:


- Chlorine Reduction 

- Cyst Reduction: Cysts (Cryptosporidium & Giardia)

- Nominal Micron Rating: 1 Micron


Omnipure ELF-1M Carbon Block Water Filter Specs:


- Dimensions: 3.5" W X 10" L

- Rating: 1 Micron Rating

- Flow Rate: 1.67 GPM

- Maximum Pressure: 125 PSI

- Maximum Temperature: 100 F

- Service Life: 1 Year or 2500 Gallons


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2x Omnipure ELF-1M ELF-Series Water Filter 1 Micron (156 AUD )