Omnipure L5320 Water Filter RV 6" + Valved Head 1/4" Quick Fit

Omnipure L5320 Water Filter RV 6" + Valved Head 1/4" Quick Fit
Omnipure L5320 quick connect  RV Pure  replacement water filter. Made in the U.S., this filter carries a 1 micron cyst rating (effective against cryptosporidium and giardia). + Omnipure L-Series Valved Head with 1/4" Quick Connect Fittings

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Omnipure L Series L5320 Water Filter RV 6"

with L-Series Valved Head with 1/4" Quick Connect Fittings

OMNIPURE's L-Series Carbon Block 1 micron cartridges are affordable replacement filter bodies for L-Series permanent filter heads. These disposable inline filters use activated carbon media which has been specially treated to effectively remove cysts, chlorine, taste and odors and offer equal or superior filtration capability at a considerably lower price than comparable replacement bodies on the market. L-Series filters use a patented keyed design to ensure product integrity with a simple one-quarter turn that allows for quick and secure cartridge removal and replacement.

They are a great value for applications where long life, high purity and low change-out frequency are required. No glues or binders were used in the manufacturing process but instead, components are friction-welded together producing a reliable, no-leak seal. These filters are available in a variety of sizes and can be used to service water filters, ice machines, coffee machines, espresso, tea brewers, vending machines, drinking fountains and in any applications where better tasting water is important.





Manufacture Item Code


Filter Length

From 2.5” x 6” to 2.5" x 14"

Service Life Gal. or 1 year  

From 1500 Gal to 3500 Gal

Omnipure L-Series Valved Head with 1/4" Quick Connect Fittings

Omnipure L Series Quick connect head and bracket.

Made in the USA.

Will suit all the Omnipure L series water filters cartridges.

Has built in 1/4″ John Guest tube fittings.

80mm across x 75mm front to back of bracket.







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Omnipure L5320 Water Filter RV 6" + Valved Head 1/4" Quick Fit (64 AUD )