Shower Filter Cartridge for SF350WF SF350

Shower Filter Cartridge for SF350WF SF350
3 stage  Shower Filter Cartridge for SF350. Shower Filter Cartridge for SF350WF SF350. UPC: 643129713545

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 GENUINE 3 STAGE Shower Filter for  Aqua Blue H20  Cartridge 

                                                  Shower Filter Cartridge for SF350WF   CARTRIDGE NUMBER:  SF350

Suit Model  SF350 OR  SF350W

Shower filters need to be replaced every 3 - 6 months.



  • 98% Reduction in exposure to chlorine and other harmful chemicals.
  • Softer, healthier hair by preserving it’s natural moisturising oils
  • Younger, radiant looking skin, protected from rashes and the appearance of wrinkles
  • Reduced risk of asthma and bronchitis caused by chlorine inhalation.
  • Combats Alopecia.
  • Decreased risk of bladder and breast cancer.
  • Higher energy levels due to the absence of energy sapping Chlorine.
  • Detailed user manual.

Ergonomic design maintains your existing shower pressure and blends in seamlessly with your existing bathroom fixtures.

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Genuine Replacement  Aqua Blue H20  Shower Filters HO High-Output

The Aqua Blue H20   HOC High Output Water Filter Cartridge is Made in the USA


Suitable replacement for Sprite Chrome, Brass and White Shower Water Filters


Sprite shower filters with  KDF remove chlorine, heavy metals, dirt and odours from your shower and bath water.


Chlorine is universally used to chemically disinfect water. Chlorine is added to your water to destroy germs, bacteria and living organisms. You are also a living organism, and your body is affected by chlorine internally as well as externally. 


Inhalation and skin absorption of chloroform and chlorine by-products are greatest in the shower, where these gases are vaporised. Aqua Blue H20  Industries are the innovators of shower filters and are known to be the world's finest, enabling everybody to enjoy chlorine free showers the world over.


Aqua Blue H20  Shower Filters are great for people with skin allergies, allergies, asthma and eczema.


The clear replacement filter cartridge has replaced the previous white filters. The current water filter cartridge will fit any of the High Output units we sell.


Please note Shower filters need to be replaced every 3 - 6 months.



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Shower Filter Cartridge for SF350WF SF350 (15 AUD )