FiltaMate Pressure Limiting Valves

3/8" Pressure Limiting Valve with Dual Check PLV 3/8"

3/8"  Pressure Limiting Valve with Dual Check PLV 3/8"
3/8" Tube 350kpa / 50 PSI Pressure Limiting Valve PLV Water Filter FMP 350. Watermark Certified FMP350. 350kpa water pressure reducing valve  Pressure Limiting Valve  350Kpa 50psi Filter Protection Valve. UPC: 667486968141

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PLV 350KPA 3/8"green CHECK FIT

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Pressure Limiting Valve 350Kpa 50psi Filter Protection Valve

- Pressure Reduction Valve with 3/8" Quick Connect Push Fit In and Out

Suitable for High pressure systems to protect drink dispensers e.g. Water filters, ice makers, coffee machines and reverse osmosis machines. Prevent water hammer and back flow.

- Australian/New Zealand Watermark Approved

Highly recommended when installing water filter systems.

Integral Check Valve
- Resists water hammer.
- Stops backflow.

Pressure limiting valve in 350kpa with back flow prevention.
Watermark AS1357.2 Lic 23133

NSF : Certified to NSF/ANSI 61 Section 9

Limiting valve: 350kpa (50 PSI)

Flow: 7.5L/Min at 700 Kpa (100 PSI)

Max Pressure: 1600 Kpa (230 PSI)

Max Temperature: 4~42C

3/8"John guest type tubing connections

Ideal for a reverse osmosis filter system to limit the pressure applied to the system


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3/8" Pressure Limiting Valve with Dual Check PLV 3/8" (18 AUD )