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Omnipure XF934 Fluoride Reduction Filter 5 Micron Undersink or Countertop filter system

Omnipure XF934 Fluoride Reduction Filter 5 Micron Undersink or Countertop filter system
This Omnipure Fluoride Removal cartridge provides the effective removal of 97% of fluoride and other unwanted chemicals within your water supply. 667486965980

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Filtration Process

UPC 667486965980

Omnipure XF934 Fluoride Reduction Filter 5 Micron 10x 2.5 " 

The 5 micron Omnipure XF934 FL051

ABA 2000 FL Activated Alumina’ filter cartridges utilize alumina to absorb >90% of fluoride for up to 1,900 litres.

Quick Specs:

• Typical Used in: undersink or   countertop  above sink water filter systems to remove fluoride.

• For: Drinking, Cooking, mixing baby formula (when used with 0.5 micron or smaller carbon block filter), washing fruit and veggies, making ice.

• Impurities Reduction: Only rated for Fluoride

• Capacity: Fluoride reduction 1,900 litres

• Replacement: 12 months or sooner if flow drops or taste is affected.

XF934 Fluoride removal water filter removes over 90% of fluoride for the life of the filter which is 1900 litres. Reduces sediment & fluoride for up to 12 months depending on your water quality. Other parts numbers include XF934 ,FL051, As001A10

The XF934 cartridge is a very simple way to remove Fluoride from your drinking water. Unlike reverse osmosis systems which waste 4 – 5 litres of water to the drain for each litre of drinking water collected.

The Fluoride filter can replace the sediment filter in most standard 10″ twin water filter systems as the first stage before the carbon filter. If you have heavy sediment in your water supply it is recommended to have a separate sediment filter before the fluoride filter.

Rated at 5 microns. 

Dimensions are 248mm x 76mm will fit standard 10″ filter housings.


10″ x 2.5″ 5 Micron Omnipure Fluoride Removal Cartridge. The Genuine 10 Inch Drop In Fluoride Removal Water Filter Cartridge from Omnipure is manufactured in USA and is capable of filtering 97% of the fluoride and other unwanted chemicals within your water supply.

10″ x 2.5″ 5 Micron Omnipure Fluoride Removal Cartridge

This Omnipure Fluoride Removal cartridge provides the effective removal of 97% of fluoride and other unwanted chemicals within your water supply.

• Fluoride removal is a important part of having clean drinking water. This cartridge provides the effective removal of 97% of fluoride and other unwanted chemicals within your water supply. It also extends the life of the cartridge, maximizing time between cartridge changes.

• This filter cartridge is Tested and Certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material requirements only.

• This standard size cartridge is compatible within standard 10” housings/filter systems. Pleated cartridges are particularly useful for low pressure applications such as domestic water supplies.

• Omnipure produces units that can be used for both under the counter and countertop applications. All products are easy to install and replacement is fast and sanitary.

Does Activated Alumina Add Aluminium to The Water That It Treats?

Leaching of aluminium from the activated alumina depends on the pH of the NMW and the alumina manufacturing process [5]. In some cases levels between 100 and 200 microg/l were reported. However, based on data provided [5] by optimising the pH conditions and selection of the appropriate medium the aluminium release resulting from the process would normally not exceed 40-60 µg/l.

It was demonstrated that the treatment of NWM with activated alumina is suitable for the intended purpose. Under optimized conditions the release of cations or anions from the medium during treatment is negligible and will not pose a risk to human health.

Full PDF version here

It is important to note that we use a very high grade filter after the activated alumina cartridge which has been tested to remove 99% of any aluminium present in the water.

Activated Alumina (AA)

Activated alumina (AA) is the only filter material specifically designed to remove fluoride and arsenic from water. It is a ceramic compound made of aluminium oxide with a very high surface-area-to-weight ratio, AA has a very high capacity for fluoride adsorption. Most municipal water supplies add 2 ppm (parts per million) of fluoride. AA filters can reduce fluoride concentrations to below 0.1 ppm, in other words 99% of the normal fluoridated water level.

It occurs naturally in its crystallineas the mineral corundum, varieties of which form the preciousgemstones ruby and sapphire. (Wikipedia)

Activated Alumina is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency as not only an effective means of removing fluoride but also to remove other harmful contaminates such as Thallium which can leech into the drinking water from mining sites. Activated Alumina has also been chosen for use in the United States’ largest fluoride removal plant in Andrews, Texas. The SORB 09 technology was chosen based on the performance of an on-site pilot test that demonstrated the system’s robust technology, economics and capabilities over other tested technologies.

The activated alumina cartridge that we use is made by Omnipure in the USA, it contains a large amount of very high grade activated alumina which will not “powder” like cheaper versions or refillable cartridge versions. The lifespan that this cartridge has been tested to is 1900 litres at a flow rate of 1.9 Litres per minute, the flow rate is extremely important as too little contact time or not enough media in the cartridge can lead to a reduced amount of fluoride being removed. Tested under the above conditions, the cartridge will remove a minimum of 90% fluoride.

For large municipal treatment systems, the use of activated alumina is probably the most commonly used fluoride removal technology. For activated alumina to operate most effectively the pH range should be held to 5.5 to 6.5 (Water quality Organisation). This of course does not mean that the media will not work at pH levels that are higher than 6.5.

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0.5 kg


6.35 × 6.35 × 25.4 cm

Filtration Media

Activated Alumina

Omnipure XF-Series


Filter Size

10″ x 2.5″

Micron Rating


Pollutant Removed




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Omnipure XF934 Fluoride Reduction Filter 5 Micron Undersink or Countertop filter system (79 AUD )