3M Shower Filter

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3M Shower Filter

Join the start and end of clean shower water with 3M filter

• It effectively removes rust and foreign matter economically and economically even if it is frequently replaced.

• It has excellent filtration function and does not leak during use, so it shows stable removal performance from the first use to the end.

The patented design makes filter replacement and cleaning easy.

• With the filter technology verified by the standard standard inspection agency for water purifiers, we have obtained 35 types of foreign matter-free certification, including heavy metals from aging piping.

• It is more economical because it can be used for up to 4 months, more than twice as much as a general filter that lasts 1-2 months. However, it may fluctuate depending on the water quality environment and water usage conditions.

• If the distance between the faucet and the wall is too close, it is not possible to mount the shower filter. Please install at least 6 cm away from the wall.