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The 847201 is a genuine replacement water filter for Fisher and Paykel refrigerators. This water filter suits some Fisher and Paykel Activesmart refrigerator models and removed unwanted contaminants from your water supply.


- Flow Rate: 0.5 gpm / 1.89 Lpm
- Capacity: 170 Gallons / 643 Litres
- Operating Temperature: 0.6C - 38C
- Operating Pressure: 120psi / 827kPa max.
- Filter Life: 6 Months or when the Change Filter light comes on.
- Certified NSF/ANSI Standards 43

The 847201 is compatible with the following Fisher & Paykel refrigerators:

- RF523GDUX1

This filter removes:

- 99% of chlorine taste and odour
- 99% of chloramine taste and odour
- 99.99% of cysts
- 97% of mercury
- 99% of asbestos


1. Find the filter cover on the back wall, top right of your refrigerator.
2. Pull the tab at the bottom of the cover towards you to release.
3. Hold the base of the filter firmly and pull towards you.
4. Rotate the filter counterclockwise 90C. The filter should release from the filter head; if it does not, pull the filter towards you.
5. Pull out the filter to remove it from the filter head. Discard the old filter.
6. Remove the packaging from the new filter and align the new filter into the filter head.
7. Insert the filter into the filter head and push firmly all the way into the filter head and rotate clockwise 90C until it locks into place.
8. Push the entire filter back into the bracket and push the cover up and into the slots at the top of the filter housing until it locks into place.

Please note: It is not necessary to shut off the water supply when installing this water filter.