Omnipure K2548-BB

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Omnipure K2548-BB

Omnipure K2548  Inline Calcite - 10 x 2 

Omnipure K2548 BB 

 Inline Calcite

The Omnipure K2548 Inline Calcite Filter has been designed to correct PH in filtered water. In recent years there has been all sorts of debates on how to get proper PH balance in drinking water.  One of the easiest and affordable techniques is to use a calcite filter. The calcite dissolves into the aggressive reverse osmosis water creating a neutral PH. The K2548 is simply to add to a reverse osmosis system. First, turn off the system and tank valve. Secondly, open the faucet to relieve pressure and close. Finally, clip the line between the system and the drinking water faucet and flush for a few minutes.
  • Calcite adds mineral and TDS back into the water as well as stabilizing the pH level of the water.

  • Use Calcite only for pH levels 6.0 - 6.8. Use Calcite/Corosex for pH levels 5.5 - 6.0