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Fisher & Paykel 847200 Water Filter

This Fisher & Paykel accessory is included with selected Ice & Water and Ice Only Refrigerators and Freezers. However, it will need to be replaced every six months, or sooner if ice production noticeably reduces. You will know it’s time to replace the filter when a light illuminates on the control panel.

Model: 847200
Service Flow: 0.5 gpm (1.89 lpm)
Water Supply: Potable Water
Water Pressure: 25-120 psi (172-827 kPa)
Water Temperature: 33°F-100°F (0.6°C-38°C)
Capacity: 102 gallons (386 liters)

It is essential that the manufacturer’s recommended installation,
maintenance and filter replacement requirements be carried out
for the product to perform as advertised.

Note: While the testing was performed under standard laboratory
conditions, actual performance may vary.