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Liebherr Fridge Filters

The Liebherr Fridge Water Filter 7440000 or 7440002 suits Liebherr refrigerators with a round filter. Can also be used in some Miele fridges. Liebherr fridge models that use the 744000 include the CNes6256, SBSes7155, SBSes7263, SBSes7273 and the SBSes7353.
Which Liebherr fridge water filter can be replaced by the 7440000, 7440000-2, 7440002, 7731240-00, YL7440000, 7440000


What makes having a Liebherr Fridge Filter so beneficial?
The 7440000 Liebherr Fridge Water Filter is manufactured in the U.S.A. It's designed to improve the taste and clarity of your water, but it also saves you money by giving you filtered water on tap. Given that many bottled waters are no purer than tap water, you're already one step ahead with a fridge filter. This Liebherr fridge filter is also designed to protect the internal operations of your fridge from sediment, dirt and scale build up. Regularly changing the Liebherr 7440000 filter reduces or eliminates expensive servicing costs. It also keeps your ice and water dispenser in optimal working order. The 7440000 Liebherr fridge filter is manufactured and tested according to the most rigorous guidelines in the industry (NSF and ANSI).


How long should my Liebherr Fridge Water Filter last?
Refrigerator manufacturers strongly recommend that fridge water filters be replaced at least every 6 months or when the "change filter" light comes on. However, if you notice the clarity or taste of your water changing, that's the best indication that it's time for a change! In addition to protecting the taste and clarity of your water, a routine 6 month change-out cycle ensures that your refrigerator's ice & water mechanisms are protected from corrosion.

Technical specifications:
• Operating Temperature: Min. 0.6°C / Max. 37.8°C
• Working Pressure: Min. 2.76 bar / Max. 6.20 bar
• Flow Rate: 1.89 Lpm
• Capacity: 1,839 liters
• Flow Rate: 1.9lpm
• Service Life: 6 months
• Dimensions: 17.5cm (length) x 5.5cm (diameter)
• Removes chlorine, sediment and rust. Does not remove flouride.


How easy is it to install or replace my Liebherr fridge filter 7440000?
• Slowly rotate the old filter cartridge 1/4 turn counterclockwise.
• Remove the filter and discard.
• Insert the new cartridge into the filter head.
• Rotate the filter cartridge about 1/4 turn clockwise until it stops. Do not overtighten.
• Use the fridge dispenser to ensure that any air pockets are removed.
• Check the filter area for leaks.
Reset the "Filter Indicator" light by holding the Filter button on the dispenser for 3 seconds.