2X AP117SL Genuine 3M Aqua pure Replacement Water-Filter Cartridge

2X AP117SL Genuine 3M Aqua pure Replacement Water-Filter Cartridge
AP117, AP117SL, AP2000, AP2200C, AP11, AP212. AP117 Genuine Aqua-pure Water Filter Cartridge AP2000, AP2200C, AP11, AP212. UPC: 016145106651

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2X 3M AP117R

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AP117 Genuine 3M Aqua pure Replacement Water-Filter Cartridge AP117

Water Filter Cartridge AP2000, AP117, AP2200C, AP11, AP212Premium 10"x2.5" Carbon

Water Filter | GAC Cuno AP117 SL Granule Activated | DIY

AP117R Replacement Cartridge Replacement for AP2200C, AP212 Twin, AP11S / T & APRO13212 Reduces Sediment, Chlorine Taste & Odour and Organic Chemicals

Nominal micron rating: 5 micronFlow rate: 11 lpm

Temperature: 4.4-38CPressure:172-862 kPa



The Aqua Pure AP117 Single Filter is a popular replacement cartridge. It has a double action that ensures comprehensive removal of dirt, rust, chlorine, and improves the taste and odor of the drinking water. This is a pre filter cartridge. A pre filter is used to filter water before the main filter as it removes most of the sediments. This AP117 cartridge has a long life graded density. Filter capacity of this replacement cartridge is 10,000 gallons. The flow rate is up to 3 gpm (11.4 lpm). The dimensions of this filter are 2.5x10 inches. The maximum temperature is 100 F (37.8 C). It is a point of use type filter that purifies water where it is being used. Thus it does not take up space and can be installed under the sink. It is made in USA.











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2X AP117SL Genuine 3M Aqua pure Replacement Water-Filter Cartridge (116 AUD )