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3M Cuno Genuine CFS9710-S with QL1 Header include

3M Cuno Genuine CFS9710-S with  QL1 Header include
Replacement filter for   Everpure 4CB5-S or EV9617-21 made  by 3M Cuno CFS9710-S 5 Micron Sediment Water Filter. UPC: 016145068836

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CFS9710-S with QL1 HEADER

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Replacement filter for  Everpure 4CB5-S or EV9617-21 made  by 3M Cuno CFS9710-S 5 Micron Sediment Water Filter

This  listing  Include  Everpure  QL 1 filter header  with  1/4 inch   Johnguest  fitting  included 

3M Cuno CFS9710-S 5 Micron Sediment Water Filte


The 3M CFS9710-S water filter is designed for use in the following:

  • Cuno Foodservice systems

  • Competitive systems

The 3M Cuno CFS9710-S 5 Micron Sediment Water Filter includes a built-in prefilter that reduces sediment. This sediment reduction water filter also reduces chlorine taste and odor to keep your water clean and fresh. In addition, this chlorine reduction filter reduces scale build-up. This carbon water filter features 5 micron filtration.

55891-01 / 3M Cuno Aqua Pure CFS9710-S Everpure Retrofit Water Filter Cartridge # 5589101

- Additional Price Discounts are Listed & Given for all Multiple 3M Cuno & Aqua Pure Water Filter Cartridge orders as shown above. 

- The 3M Cuno Aqua Pure # 5589101 CFS9710S CFS Everpure Retrofit Water Filter Cartridge Replaces Everpure i2000(2), i4000(2), MC(2), MH(2), XC(2), CV, 7CB5 ,BH(2), Cartridges. filters for taste,odor, sediment and scale to a 5 micron level. 2,400 gallon capacity. 1.0 gpm max flow rate. 2.5 cubic feet 

- 3M Water Filtration Products, CFS-9710S Everpure Retrofit Replacement Cartridge, replaces the Everpure 2CB5 / 4CB5 Series Carbon Block Cartridges (EV9617-21, EV9617-22). Micron Rating - 5. 

- CUNO's Line of 9000 series cartridges are an economical way to provide the benefits of CUNO filtration in competitive systems without incurring additional capital expense. 

- A choice of medias such as graded density carbon with micron rating from 0.5 to 5, as well as optional integrated scale inhibition provide solutions for varying water conditions. 

- The 9000 Series cartridges do not require activation for functionality, allowing an operator to change the cartridge in seconds. 

- Independent 3rd party certification provides assurance that the cartridges will perform as expected. 

- Specifically designed to fit in competitive systems to enhance performance and provide longer life. 

- SQC - Sanitary Quick Change encapsulated design reduces contamination during change-outs and are disposable and incineritable. 

- FDA CFR-21 and/or NSF compliant materials provide peace of mind that these products are suitable for potable applications. 

Max Capacity: 9,085 liter
Flow Rate: 1.0 gpm 
Micron Rating: 5 
Model Number: CFS9710-S 
Part Number: # 55891-01 
Reduction Claims: Chlorine, Sediment, Taste & Odor Reduction, Scale Inhibition



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3M Cuno Genuine CFS9710-S with QL1 Header include (99 AUD )