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Sprite Shower Filters

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Only Sprite’s patented point-of-use systems are able to remove free-chlorine, iron oxides, dirt, sediment and other odors in the uniquely challenging shower setting.

Redox reactions can be chemically complex. Simply stated, during a Redox reaction electrons are transferred between molecules, creating new elements. For instance, when free-chlorine comes in contact with the filtration media, it is changed into a benign, water-soluble chloride. This reaction changes free-chlorine to a larger chloride molecule. This new salt-based molecule requires more energy (heat) to evaporate than a water heater at industry-standard maximum temperatures allows and is too large to be absorbed by the skin. It is then carried harmlessly through the water supply.


…is one type of Redox filtration media. Researched, developed and patented by David Farley, CEO of Sprite Industries, Inc., Chlorgon converts free chlorine and some combined chlorines to a harmless chloride salt. A proprietary blend of Copper, Zinc and Calcium Sulfide, Chlorgon works well in a variety of temperatures from hot to cold. It is also the active ingredient for Sprite’s Mediterranean Blue: De-chlorinating Bath Salts.

All Sprite filtered shower products contain Chlorgon.

Most Sprite products are NSF Certified to standard #177 for shower filtration. For a list of Sprite Certified models.