Water Softener Filter for Washing Machine

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Water Softener Filter for Washing Machine


How to Solve Hard Water Laundry Problems

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is found in 85 percent of Australia . Hard water is usually defined as having high levels of calcium and magnesium; the greater the concentration of these minerals, the harder the water.

With a high concentration of these minerals in the water, unless the water is treated the calcium and magnesium attach to fabric in a laundry load and leave clothing and linens feeling stiff and covered with a residue that dulls color. In excessively hard water, the fabric fibers can actually break and create holes due to the amount of mineral coating.

If you are on a municipal water system, the officials can share with you the level of mineral content in your water supply. There are also Water Softener Filter available .

Hard Water Laundry Problems

  • Dinginess or graying, yellowing
  • General soil build-up
  • Stiff, harsh feel to fabrics
  • Weakening of fibers causing tears
  • White or gray streaks on colored fabrics