Microfilter Water Filtet M9 Series

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Microfilter Water Filtet M9 Series

Membrane Quick Change Water Filter

M92512-SED-FR MicroFilter Sediment Quick Change Water Filter

M92512-CB5-FR MicroFilter Carbon Block Quick Change Water Filter

M92512-UF-FR MicroFilter UF Membrane Quick Change Water Filter

The M9 filter system provides healthful water by removing contaminants, growths, lead and heavy metals from the tap water through high-quality carbon block and reverse osmosis membrane. The material of M9 has been approved by the KFDA, and M9 was tested by the Korean Environments lab according to NSF standards 
The M9 filter system is an eco-friendly product. Unlike the traditional electronic water purifier that consumes about 50kw per month, the M9 filter system requires no electricity, which means it prevents 24 kg of carbon dioxide from generating per month.
By employing the user-friendly filter changing system, a housewife can change filter cartridges simply by pulling and turning without any tools. The M9 filter system does not need any effort or skill to change cartridges in contrast with traditional filter systems for under the sink which needs a spanner for replacement. The M9 specifications are as follows: Working pressure: 40~ 125 psi / Temperature: 34-100¡ÆF (1-38¡ÆC) / Hydrostatic Burst Pressure: Min. 600 psi / Hydrostatic Pressure: 360 psi (2,482kPa) for 15 minutes / Impulse Test: 0 ~ 150 psi for 100,000 cycles

m92512 uf-fr
M92512 post-fr
M92512 SED-FR
M92512 CB-5 FR