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Water Filter for Fridge stocks water system products from leading manufacturer including LG, Miele, Maytag, Amana, Samsung, Jennair, Kleenmaid, Daewoo, Bosch, GE, Westinghouse, Samsung, Electrolux, Fisher &Paykel,Doulton®,FiltaMate Apex Valves, John Guest and Whirlpool. We are the leaders in fridge filters, supplying only quality original and Korean made generic filters. Some of our filter models include Aqua Blue H2O, Clean & Clear, PuriClean II, Cuno, 3M, GE Smartwater, Eco Aqua, Water Sentinel and many more. If you are looking for a fridge filter then you have come to the right place. Remember your fridge is an important asset, therefore it is recommended that you replace your fridge filter every six months or when the change filter light comes on.

Please  Note 

NPT stands for National Pipe Taper. For NPT, pipe should be thread per ANSI B1.20.1. For the National Pipe Tapered for Fuels, or NPTF, the pipe should be thread as per ANSI B1.20.3.

Differences in NPT and NPTF threads lie in the major and minor diameters, as well as the root and crest of the threads. NPTF thread crests call within the same parameters as NPT requirements, but NPTF crests have a smaller range.
NPTF thread roots are designed to interfere with crest of the mating thread, which creates a mechanical NPTvsNPTFseal through thread form deformation at assembly, while NPT thread roots are designed to allow clearance with mating thread crests on assembly.
While NPT and NPTF are both designed to screw together, NPT requires a seal to be leak proof while NPTF do not. The L1 gauge requirements for NPT and NPTF differ for threads more than ½ in. in size, and thus, are not interchangeable. The difference lies in the Plug Gage Major Diameter and Ring Gage Minor Diameter.

But the most significant difference is the inspection required for each. With NPT, only a single plug with a step, an L1 plug for internal threads and a single thin L1 ring for external, are required to check size. For NTPF, additional threads in assembly, L2 and L3, and the major and minor diameters are inspected with either a special plug or ring gages.

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