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DOULTON water filter Australia W9123085, W9222909, W9320007, W9123019, W9223026, W9120145, W9330059, W9220406, W9240002, W9123053, FRX02, W9120562, W9380002, W9331031, W9331032

DOULTON WATER FILTER AUSTRALIA W9123085, W9222909, W9320007, W9123019, W9223026, W9120145, W9330059, W9220406, W9240002, W9223022, W9125030, W9123053, FRX02, W9222900, W9121750, W9120562, W9381000, W9320004, W9380002, W9331031, W9331032. CHEAPEST PRICE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE.

Healthy Water, Healthy Life Bottled water quality on tap in your own home Experience the difference that only Doulton® will make to the quality of your drinking water Company Profile Doulton® provides its customers, whatever their situation, with top quality, UK manufactured water filters that perform consistently every time and gives them clean, healthy, great-tasting water anytime, anywhere. Brand Doulton® water filters have now been manufactured continuously in the UK for more than 185 years. Fairey Industrial Ceramics Limited (FICL) is the sole manufacturer of the world famous range of Doulton® ceramic drinking water filters. All Doulton® ceramic water filter products are manufactured in FICL’s factory based in North Staffordshire, UK, the traditional home of the ceramic industry in England. Quality In general, the smaller the pore size of a filter and the more complicated the path the water takes through the filter medium, the more effective it is at removing particles from water. A ceramic has a small and complex pore structure, making it an ideal filter medium.

FICL is able to accurately control the pore structure of Doulton® ceramic drinking water filters, ensuring excellent product consistency. All stages of FICL’s drinking water filter production process adhere to the stringent BS EN ISO 9001 quality standards. FICL holds the coveted NSF® and WRAS certificates, demonstrating that our drinking water filters have passed the highest international testing standards. Our high quality standards are why the Doulton® brand name is so well known and respected for use in home water filtration systems around the world. Customers can, as a result of our exacting standards, expect the same high quality from our filters every time they are used. Performance Millions of ceramic filter candles are produced annually, which sell to 140 countries worldwide.

This global success is because Doulton® drinking water filters are so versatile – they will do a job on any water supply: Highly effective barrier to particles and pathogens a pore structure down to 0.2 microns to offer maximum protection Long Life / Long term value the filters may be cleaned, when used on turbid water, which allows re-use and gives 6-12 months life Natural the ceramic is made from 100% natural earths and uses coconut shell carbon. The filters do not remove those minerals from the water which are beneficial to health Self-sterilising FICL’s ceramics contain trace elements of silver to inhibit microbiological growth Multi-stage filtration in one cartridge other filter media can be put inside the ceramic filer candle. Activated carbon can be incorporate to remove chlorine, or an ion exchange resin to remove heavy metals such as lead. Price Bottled water is expensive to buy, produces a lot of plastic waste, and the carbon footprint of transporting those bottles of water is enormous.

Healthy water that doesn’t cost the Earth Installing a filter system in your home offers a much greener as well as cheaper alternative way of drinking good quality water Doulton® and Fairey® – well known and respected around the world.

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